For Family Caregivers

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For Family CaregiversDr. Vicki Rackner Helps You Choose Health

Here are some popular presentations:

Pain Stompers: How to Plug into Loved Ones in Pain with Shorting Out

Learn 7 simple steps to create more rapid and more powerful connections to loved ones in physical, emotional, or even financial pain.  Family members and friends can become first responders  and decrease the patient isolation that leads to suffering.  This means:
• More confidence
• More influence and impact
• Better outcomes
• More rewarding interactions.
Click here for more information.

Caregiving without Regrets: How to Care for Aging Parents with an Open Heart.

Learn how to graciously transfer family leadership from parents to adult children. Get concrete ideas to help parents “live and die on their own terms.” Click here for more information.

Memorable Joy: How to Bring More Joy to Loved Ones with Memory Problems

It’s easy to focus on the losses when a loved one has dementia. Learn how to bring more joy into their loves! Click here for more information.

Modern Medical Manners: How to Talk About Personal Topics without Dying of Embarrassment

Some topics are hard to talk about. I call them the 5P’s: peeing, poooping, procreating, primping and paying. Learn to graciously conduct challenging conversations. Click here for more information.

Pleasership: A New Family Leadership Strategy When It’s Personal

Click here for more information.