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Web Site/ Social Media ContentDr. Vicki Rackner Helps You Choose Health

We make it easy for you to offer high value caregiving content on your web site and social media outlets.

3 Reasons to Reach Out to Caregivers

  1. They find you.  Caregivers identify resources.
  2. They hire you. Caregivers make purchasing choices.
  3. They appreciate you. Caregivers need help.

3 Reasons to Have Expert Content on Your Site

  1. You have more credibility.
  2. You offer more value.
  3. You get more leads.

3 Reasons to Use Our Expert Content

  1. It’s easy to implement.
  2. It’s created by a national physician expert.
  3. It’s effective at differentiating you from the competition.

This value-added service will help generate more referrals, help your patients get better outcomes and position you as the expert.

Readers and viewers will appreciate these practical, actionable tips to health them achieve healthy lives.

All the  empowering tips, inspirational stories and light-hearted quotes are all created by a physician, Chicken Soup author and national speaker.

You get:

  • Videos, articles and podcasts for your web site and Facebook Fan page.
  • A sign-up box so visitors can get videos sent to their smart phones on your branded pages.
  • Ongoing fresh content.

That means:

  • You keep your web site engaging.
  • You have a mechanism to capture names and build a mailing list.
  • You stand out from your competition.