Caregiver Coaching and Support

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Caregiver Coaching and SupportDr. Vicki Rackner Helps You Choose Health

Do you like the idea of reaching out to caregivers, but don’t have the staff resources to do it internally?

We offer two services: Caregiver Coaching and Caregiver Support Services.

Caregiver Coaching 

We offer The Caregiver Coaching service to individuals and groups who want customized solution for their unique circumstances.  Through this service, we:

  • Define the desired results
  • Identify the roadblock
  • Formulate the right questions
  • See the options
  • Collect resources
  • Craft the best words to say and next steps in the action plan.

Caregiver Support Services

You can retain us to conduct ongoing Caregiver Support Groups.  The intention is create a support community and offer ongoing skills and tools.

We leverage technology that allows face-to-face contact between people are in different physical locations.

Call (425) 451-3777 to learn more about these services.

The intention is not to offer medical advice or render medical care. Rather, we help clients work with their loved ones or clients or members of the health care team  more effectively to achieve the desired outcomes.

Here are some success stories:

Barbara’s mother sees many doctors , and they don’t seem to talk to each other. Barbara feels like she’s being asked to coordinate her mother’s medical care, and as she says, “I never went to medical school.”

At our recommendation, Barbara said to the doctor who had the best rapport with her mother, “I like the idea of team medicine. Will you be our quarterback?”

The result, according to Barbara , “Those two sentences changed our lives. Thank you, thank you , thank you.”

John’s father likes his doctor, but they’re not making progress getting rid of his cough. The doctor even told John’s father, “I’ve tried everything possible. You’ll just have to learn to live with it.”

At our suggestion, John persuaded his father to seek second opinion. The new doctor prescribed a medication that cleared up the problem in less than a week.

Alan finds himself waiting over an hour each time he takes his wife to the doctor. He hates to wait and miss the extra work time.

With our support, John asked the receptionist if there were any appointment slots that would increase his chances of being seen on time.

Miriam wants to sit down with her doctor and really talk about a plan to manage her daughter’s chronic illness.

With our coaching, Miriam requested a half-hour appointment and got it! We also directed her to an on-line community for others with her child’s medical condition.

Call (425) 451-3777 to learn more about these services.